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News - 15 February

Gaob Bika LIMS 3 Release Candidate 2

Bika Health presentation at IWEEE 2013

Bika at Cape Town Plone sprint

Bika LIMS in Spanish education

Gaob Bika LIMS 3.0 a3 released
On-line demo updated

Bika technical training 6 - 17 August

EsSalud technological revolution starts

more news ...

Development Sponsors

Main Bika LIMS development sponsor, Bika Lab Systems
Bika Lab Systems


Inkosi Bika LIMS 2 development sponsor, Quantum Analytics
Quantum Analytical


Bika LIMS 1 sponsor, BBK
Botteleringskoöperasie Beperk


The City of uMhalthuze sponsore Bika LIMS for water qaulity

The City
of uMhlathuze


South African Wine lab association, sponsors of Bika Interlab, LIMS for inter-laboratory proficiency testing
The South African Wine
Laboratory Association


Benchmark laboratories sponsored Inkosi Bika LIMS 2.2
Benchmark Laboratories


Department of Trade and Industry
Republic of South Africa


Bika Health Alpha
Micro funding sponsors

Bika at GitHub hosts Bika LIMS

Bika at

[FSF Associate Member]
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Bika Service Providers

Bika Lab Systems - Open source web based LIMS

South Africa · Global
Implementation, Customisation, Support and SaaS

Implementation and Support

Consultancy services in Laboratory Information Management Systems, covering all the LIMS implementation project life-cycle, from the initial contact and lab specific characteristics definition until technical maintenance
Implementation and Support

Germany, UK
Implementation and Support


Bika Health flow diagram - Lims for public health laboratories in resource-poor settings
  • Shorten turnaround time · Publish results and attachments to the web immediately upon verification · Anywhere in the world · Multilingually

  • ISO 17025 accreditation ready

  • Real time status tracking

  • Full web content management integration - More than a LIMS · Publish regulatory information, news and training material on-line to clients and personnel · The power of Plone CMS

  • No annual licensing · Unlimited users and servers · On OSS , no web server, database or operating system license fees

  • Browser based · No desktop installation · Easy does it

  • Sample batching or partitioning · Container & preservation automation

  • Legacy & set-up data imports

  • Eliminate human error · Automated data capturing · Bi-directional instrument interfaces · Barcodes

  • Sample partitioning · Container & preservation automation

  • User configurable calculated results

  • Invoicing · Financial software interface

  • Customised to requirement · Optional sampling and preservation workflows · Alerts for pending tasks

  • Integrated QC controls and calibrations · Graphs

  • Management and and efficiency reports · Powerful live search engine

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What sets Bika apart

Help centre, manuals, training and support on-line

Invoicing Financial software interface

Secure 256 bit SSL encryption
Trusted Digital Certificates

Bika Branches

Bika Systems can be installed in standard configuration or tailored to lab requirement. Bika branches are enhanced for recognised laboratory disciplines. All are available as on-site or cloud based

Bika LIMS thumbnail Bika Wine thumbnail

Universal Chemistry LIMS

LIMS for Water quality management

Bika Bio thumbnail Bika Interlab thumbnail

Bika for health laboratories

Web-based LIMS for inter-laboratory comparison and proficiency testing

Platform independent Modular Scalable All industry standard operating systems and databases
On open source software, no web, mail or fax server, database or operating system licensing fees